PH12 Advanced Water Gel


In combination with its cleansing and antimicrobial action, PH12 Advanced Water offers a unique solution for dermocosmetics (acne, irritated skin, redness) and in support of wound care such as burns, ulcers, atopic dermatitis, irritated or damaged skin. Thanks to its unique mechanism of action and the most important minerals, it guarantees maximum performance.

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Field of Application

Skin cleansing
Wound care (wounds, ulcers, burns)
Dermal care (acne, atopic dermatitis, skin irritations, redness)
External hemorrhoids (pain relief, anti-irritation)

Skin cleansing

Skin cleansing and caring
Ensures the ion balance of the cells
Respects the natural pH of the skin
Restores the skin barrier
Reduces impurities
Promotes cell renewal

H2O (99.7%), Na, P, K, Cl, Si, Ca, Mg (0,3%)